Why a book log?

I read a lot of science fiction and fantasy, but because I plow through it so fast I often forget exactly what I liked (or disliked) about specific books. Plus when the inevitable sequels come out, I have to reread the first books because I always have forgotten everything but the major plot points.

This blog thus exists for two reasons:

  1. To share my opinions on the many books that I read
  2. As a place to store complete plot summaries so I can remember what happened if I want to read a sequel without needing to re-read the whole series

Hopefully you will find it useful, as well! Please note that all plot summaries are for everything from beginning to when I put the book down (I finish most, but not all, of the books I write about here). If you choose to read the summary you will spoil the entire book. I recommend avoiding temptation until you pick up the sequel and need to remember just what it was that happened in book one.

Although I do tend to write humorous plot summaries for the books that I dislike, so you can probably read those with impunity if you are curious about what happens but don’t plan on reading the book itself.

What I read

I read whatever catches my eye. These days that means almost exclusively ebooks, with a fair smattering of self-published works on Kindle. Since I don’t like paying more than $10 (and I dislike paying close to $10), I don’t read many of the “best seller” type novels. I tend to stick pretty tightly to fantasy with occasional excursions into science fiction, and like reading children’s or YA books just as well as adult ones.

I hope you find the site useful! Let me know in the comments if you have a dissenting opinion on a particular title or if you have any recommendations for other things to read!

Supporting the site

If you find my reviews and plot summaries useful, please consider using one of the “On Amazon” purchase links that live next to many of the books! These are affiliate links, so I get a small kickback if you use one to buy a book.